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  1. Contact us to check our availability. It is always a good idea to book your move at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure that we have the availability for your move. However, we will do our best to accommodate your request even the next day.

  2. Provide us as much detail about the move as possible. Ideally we would like to have an accurate list of furniture, boxes, and miscellaneous items (room by room). Don't have the list? Give us a call and our friendly representative will assist you. If you are moving large and heavy items such as TVs, gym equipment, bathtubs, Murphy beds, water mattresses, electric beds, pianos etc. please let us know. This way we will give you a more accurate time estimate and make sure we arrive prepared. Some moves may require a free, in-home estimate.

  1. A Day before the Move. Our representative will contact you to quickly remind you about the move and confirm that you are ready to move. If you have any last minute questions or would like to make any changes to the order, this is a good time to do so.

  2. On the Day of the Move. you will receive a phone call from our Crew lead (normally our driver) to let you know that they are on their way. Sometimes you might receive a call from our administrator instead.

  3. The Crew lead will conduct the initial walk-through with you and the rest of the crew, and will set in motion the game-plan for the day. Please make sure to point out, or set aside, any items that you would not like for us to move onto the truck. 

  4. The crew will install door holders and will cover the entrance floor with a neoprene runner to protect your floors from dirt. Upon your request they will cover your carpets with plastic protection, however please note that this may take up to 30-40 minutes of additional time.

  5. Upon arrival at the destination, the crew will conduct another walk-through. This would be a great time to designate where your furniture/items should be placed.

  6. Once the move-in is complete the Crew Lead will put together a bill for services rendered. This is a great time to have the other crew members on the move shuffle any additional furniture/items around as necessary

  1. Once you are settled into your new place, please let us know what you thought of our service. We will greatly appreciate any feedback and reviews on our Yelp page.

  2. If you have any concerns at this point, please call or email us and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can in order to resolve any issues or answer your questions

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